Q. How do I pay a traffic ticket? A. When a traffic ticket is issued by the Liberty County Sheriff Office, there are several ways of resolving the citation. If the person receiving the ticket does not wish to contest the ticket, the fine may be paid in person by cash, or by money order or cashiers check mailed to Liberty County Sheriff Office, 201 So. Main Street Ste. 1300, Hinesville, GA 31313. The citation number or name as it appears on the citation should be annotated on the money order or cashiers check. If this is accomplished prior to the court date annotated on the citation, there will be no further action needed. If the person receiving the citation requests to contest the ticket or discuss the matter with the judge, they must appear on the date annotated by the issuing officer. Prior to the court date, the person receiving the citation must call the Sheriff’s Office and let them know they will be appearing in court. If the citation is not paid before this date, and the person fails to appear, a bench warrant may be issued for their arrest. This failure to appear will be reported to the state issuing the drivers license, and a persons driving privileges’ could be suspended.

A new service offered by the courts of Liberty County allows for on line payment of citations. For details on what citations can be paid on line or to get additional information about online payment, please visit WWW.LIBERTYCOTICKETS.COM. Please note that this site is maintained by the Liberty County Clerk of Court and not the Sheriff’s Office.

Q. How do I know how much the fine will be? A. When a citation is issued, a fine amount, sometimes referred to as a bond amount, will be annotated on the citation. This fine amount is set by the State Court of Liberty County. The issuing deputy can not adjust the fine when the citation is issued.

Q. Where do I go for fingerprints? A. Fingerprints are taken at the Detective’s Office at the Liberty County Jail Complex, 180 Paul Sikes Dr., Hinesville, GA, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Fingerprints are only completed for Georgia firearms permit applications. The fee for the firearms fingerprinting is included in the firearms application fee. Firearms applications are processed with live scan automated fingerprinting and no card is needed. Please bring a picture I.D.

Q. How do I obtain the release of my car that was impounded? A. For some infractions, a person’s car may be impounded. At the time of the impoundment, the deputy will normally provide the name of the wrecker service which was called to tow the vehicle. When you are ready to obtain the vehicle’s release, contact the wrecker company which towed the vehicle. Any special conditions that must before release of the vehicle will be explained. Normally, you must show:

 (1) a valid drivers license  (2) proof of ownership such as a title, tag receipt, or notarized bill of sale  (3) a valid insurance card  (NOTE:) If there is a hold on the vehicle, it will not be released until you speak with the deputy or department which placed the hold.

Q. How do I get someone out of jail? A. The person arrested must complete the booking procedures before they can be released. Part of this booking procedure is the establishing of a bond. On traffic charges, this bond will usually be the amount of the traffic fine. Persons booked into the jail also must pay a $20.00 jail fee before being released. There are three accepted methods of producing bond:

 (1) Cash Bond – American currency or a US Postal money order for the total amount of the bond.  (2) Bonding Company – The list of approved bonding companies is displayed in the lobby of the jail, in the booking area, and on this website under the pull down tap “Resources – Jail Information”. We are not allowed to recommend a company. Call them and they will advise you of their procedures and fees.  (3) Property Bond – You may use personnel property as a bond after completing and “Affidavit of Ownership Agreement obtained at the Sheriff’s Office or Jail.

LIBERTY COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE (Property Affidavit for bond in Liberty County)

If you are a resident of Liberty County, Georgia, you may be eligible to sign a property bond for someone in the Liberty County Jail. Before being approved you must meet the requirements listed below:

1. You must own property in Liberty County, Georgia. 2. The property you are putting up for bond must have a minimum value that is doubled the original bond amount plus surcharges established by the state. 3. You must not have been convicted of a felony or have any felony criminal cases now pending against you in court. 4. The property being put up for bond must be in the name of the person or persons signing the bond. 5. If the property is in two or more names then all parties must agree to sign the bond and affidavit of ownership. 6. If one of the names listed as an owner has deceased a certified copy of the death certificate must be attached. 7. Cash and property will not be accepted as bond. 8. If delinquent taxes are owed on the property it will not be accepted as bond. 9. If you are already on another bond in this county and the case is still pending you may be rejected. 10. If the Sheriff of Liberty County feels that surety is not strong enough to get the defendant back to court or the property is not valued enough, other restrictions and requirements may be required before approval. 11. No corporation, mobile home, vehicle or business will be accepted as bond. 12. Applications must be approved by the Sheriff of Liberty County or his designee between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday. 13. All property bonds will require a signed Affidavit of Ownership Agreement and certified copy of property description from the Board of Tax Assessors, Liberty County, Georgia. 14. For property bonds between $5,001.00 and $12,500.00 a Title of Opinion Letter establishing property equity and identifying all lien holders must be obtained from an attorney. 15. For property bonds in excess of $12,500.00 the Sheriff may require a Deed to Secure Debt be recorded in the Clerk of Superior Court, Liberty County, Georgia.

Q. When can I visit someone in jail? A. Visiting hours for the jail are conducted throughout the week. All inmates processed into the jail receive a scheduled say and time for visitation. Due to the large number of persons detained, visitation must be limited to the assigned dates and times. Exceptions for out of state or emergency visitors can be arranged. Situations of this type have to be presented to the Jail Administrator for approval. You can identify specific visitation times and rules on this website under pull down tab “Resources – Jail Information”

Q. How do I file a police report? A. Reports can made by having a deputy come to you, or by coming to the Deputy’s Office located at the jail. To have a deputy respond to you, contact the Sheriff’s Office dispatcher at the 911 center. Non emergency calls should be made to the non emergency line at 912-368-3911.

Q. How do I get a copy of a police report? A. Incident reports and accident reports are available from the records department at the Detective’s Office, located at the Liberty County Jail. The reports are available from 8 am until 5 pm and are provided at no cost to persons involved in the incident. Accident reports will take three working days for preparation.

Q. What can I do about a car that had been abandoned on my property? A. The Sheriff’s Office can only tow abandoned vehicles from public property. A vehicle abandoned on private property must be handled by the property owner. After you have made a reasonable attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle, you can call a wrecker service of your choice and have it towed away. The charge for towing the vehicle is normally obtained from the wrecker service when the owner comes to get the vehicle. However, you should discuss this up front with the wrecker service you call.
Q. How do I start a Neighborhood Watch Program? A. Before you contact your Sheriff’s Office, coordinate with your neighbors and get an idea as to what their main concerns are in regards to crime and personal safety. Then call the Sheriff’s Office at 912-876-2131 and leave your name and number and our Neighborhood Watch Coordinator will contact you and schedule your first Neighborhood Watch meeting.

If you have additional questions not answered in this document, feel free to contact anyone in this department for additional assistance or information.