Civil Processes

Please Note: All persons obtaining Certified Process Server status under O.C.G.A. 9-11-4.1 are required to obtain permission from the Sheriff to serve process within such county. As the Sheriff of Liberty County, Georgia, this shall serve as notice that I WILL NOT approve private process service in Liberty County. This policy will not prohibit process servers duly appointed by the courts from serving process in Liberty County.

The Civil Division is responsible for serving civil process papers received from the Courts of our County, as well as other jurisdictions. In addition to process service, the Civil Division executes court orders including evictions, Writs of Possession to seize personal property, and Probate Orders to Apprehend and collect on judgments issued by the courts. The division also seizes and auctions both personal and real property when a defendant fails to voluntarily pay a judgment.


Sheriff Service Fees:

Per Copy Served, General:                                                          $50.00

Per tenant in dispossessory action:                                            $25.00

Witness Subpoena:                                                                      $10.00

Return/search of Nulla Bona                                                        $20.00

Our physical address is:       

201 S Main Street Ste. 1300 Hinesville, GA 31313


For information concerning a service please contact Christina Tuten at 912-876-2131.